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Greasing 47 inch snow blower drive shaft (getting to the center zerk)

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I'm having a hard time figuring out how to get to the center zerk on the drive shaft of the snow blower. It's attached to my tractor and I have removed the shaft from the tractor to get to the zeros on the end, but can't get the cent zerk to show in the cut out area of the plastic shroud. It seems to be too close to the end that is attached to the blower. Any help would be appreciated.
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Very good. I'll try going to the rear PTO setting and rotating the snow blower by hand to see if I see the center Zerk under the plastic. I've never had the front mount 47 inch snow blower removed so I am trying to grease it on the tractor if possible. I did remove the drive shaft from the PTO to get to the end zeros. I agree about the small diameter coupler. I tried one of the locking type and it was too big for most of the drive train zerk areas.
You have to rotate the joints bending the connection for a few of them. What year is the blower tractor? Just don't put in to much grease, otherwise they can lock the joints on certain years. Then you must remove the zerk to let out the excess grease to free it up. Usually happens at a double cardan joint, not on a regular universal.
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