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Greetings from Ontario, Canada

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Morning All from Ontario, Canada!
New to this site but as a new owner of a pair of 1026R's and several implements, I figured there would be some great dialogue here as more people grab hold of one of these. I spent a lot of time of some of the other sites during the research process but like the idea of primarily Deere products here!
Look forward to discussions!
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Nice 1026R you have there Bob! I would not mine owning a 1026R someday, but the 2305 will have to do for now! I see your from Ontario, Canada as well. What Dealer did you deal with on your 1026R? I do all my Deere equipment purchases through Huron Tractor out of Exeter Ontario. Should last you a long time, I really love my 2305 Deere.

Jason B
Hi Jason
Out by Orangeville and used the Premier dealership in Ospringe. A friend of mind did some business with them and they were great to deal with. They have several locations and the one in Alliston isn't far away either.
I've yet to talk to anyone that owns a Deere that wasn't more than happy with the performance and reliability. I almost went with the 2305's as well but then one of the 1026R's ended up at the dealership in Brampton and I decided to wait for the newer model. Although there's always a risk with early adopters, anything Deere seemed less likely to be problematic and thus far, haven't been anything but happy. Save a few creature comforts, there's not a whole lot of difference between the two so your not missing much.

Yeah, Premire is a good dealership! I bought my 2305 over Kjji last winter and really like it a lot. Only had 465 hrs when I got it and have put 100hrs on it so far. I mainly use it to plow snow and may run a front mounted Sweeper in a year or two, although it cuts grass really well indeed. Wish I could get the 7 Iron deck for my 2305.

Jason B
1 - 2 of 15 Posts
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