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Where can I find a diagram of the throttle linkages on the front of JD GT235 (M0G235F093906) w/ Kawasaki engine (FH580V-AS04)? We bought the tractor used. My grandfather (85) started taking it apart to get the busted muffler out, without me, so I didn't get any pictures (I always take picture because I can't remember anything). We can't figure out how to reassemble it. Specifically there is a sort of L shaped linkage arm that goes from the block where the cables attach to the carb, I think, that we can't get back in place to operate correctly. But ideally a diagram of the whole assembly as I'm not confident of the way he's reassembled some of it. I appreciate any help. Thanks

EDIT: #1 in this exploded parts diagram:

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The service manual for the engine is available at mymowerparts . I can't lift the diagram, but here is the text for the static governor adjustment. Page 54 Best of luck.

Governor Arm Installation
•Install the governor arm [A] onto the governor shaft
• Be sure the link spring [C] around the throttle link rod [D]
is in place and that it pulls the governor arm and throttle
lever [E] each other.
• Loosen the clamp nut [F] on the governor arm enough to
move the governor shaft.
• Turn the top end of the governor arm counterclockwise
to fully open the carburetor [G] throttle valve and hold it
• Turn the governor shaft counterclockwise fully to the end
of its travel.
• Tighten the clamp nut.
Torque - Governor Arm Clamp Nut: 7.8 N·m (0.80 kgf·m, 69
• Be sure the governor shaft extension from the governor
arm is approximately 7 mm (0.3 in) [H] as shown in the
•Install the control panel assembly, and connect the governor
arm with the governor spring.
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