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H120 loader Plow?

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looking at the purchase of a 1026r w/ h120 fel, how well does a fel clear snow?

does anybody out there make a blade attachment to put onto the front of a fel?

thanks in advance!
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I have the Deere 54 QH snow blade on a 1026R. I believe that it is all the tractor can handle. The maximum snow depth I have pushed with this setup is two inches. The blade is not heavy enough to provide a good scrape while in float mode. Therefore, I use the hydraulics to feather it up and down. While angled, the 54 QH blade will push the front end around. This phenomena really shows the value of a 2320's split breaking system. In my opinion, to put a snow plow out at twice the distance of the 54 QH would be unusable. My decision to buy the QH blade initially was based on getting the QH purchase outta the way so that I might find other front attachments used in the future. My thinking is that may be a few years before a 1000 series front QH becomes available on the used market.

For now, I'm using a 72" hand me down rear blade and the FEL to clear these pitiful snowfalls. Yes a 72" rear blade is too much for a 1000 series to handle. I'll be on the prowl for a 60" rear blade as soon as funds allow.
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1 1/2" thick by 5" tall cutting edge? :thumbup1gif:
Welcome to the forum rockshaft!

In subsequent testing of the 1026r with 54 QH Blade in a deeper snow (3"), it performed nicely. I was able to unlock my massive drive from the largest snow event in my area this past winter easily. I can't remember if I had rear 3PH ballast applied in my first outing as I did not think to grab any pics. I can say that it works just fine with rimguard in the rears. How do you plan to add front ballast? There is not much extra room. You can view my experience on YouTube.
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