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H120 loader Plow?

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looking at the purchase of a 1026r w/ h120 fel, how well does a fel clear snow?

does anybody out there make a blade attachment to put onto the front of a fel?

thanks in advance!
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This is my opinion, but FEL plows are no good for small tractors. I had one that I built and used for two season's and it was just a big PITA. The entire rig is too long, and you very quickly loose steering control with them. There is simply not enough weight on the front end to keep the wheels planted. Save your money and get a frame mounted plow.
I live in central WI, so most snow falls are 2-8 inches with the ocasional 8-14 inch fall,and I have a large driveway approach, with large parking pad up top, so a lot of snow moving.......

with the fel can you still attach the deere weights to the front frame or even the 9 weight bracket at the same time?

will the frontier af11 fit on the 120 loader? or are the quick tach mounts wider on the 300,400,500 loaders?
The 1026R is a great machine for its size, I have had mine since 09/2011 and have over 50hrs on it. I am looking for a plow solution for my 1026 also, there are plenty of plows out there that will work, some better than others but for me its all about $$$. For now I am using the FEL and my 60" box blade to plow 2 small parking lots and several drive way around here, the BB dose a ok job but looking back wards all the time gets old real fast. I do believe a frame mounted plow with angle like Gizmo2 has set up would be the best as others have told you already. Wish I lived close to some of the fabricating wizards on here like Kenny, Randy or Chris I have a idea for a ultra-lite weight snow pusher for these little tractors but not the equipment to build it.

Good luck in your search.
yeah same quest, My dad used a x728 with blade and blower, trying to come up with a cheaper solution...... that frontier AF 11 is not very cheap though!!! was thinking to use the fel in place of the blower but changing between the QH plow and H120 will be a pain in the butt? yes or no? like I said THINKING about a 1026R.....
I need to apologize to ROTAX14, I didn't mean to hi-jack your thread,:hijacked: I have this thread started some where else on here I just have to find it. More to come when I find the thread.:banghead:
not a problem, it gave me another company to start looking into!
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