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H120 vs H130

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I notice everyone seems to have a H120 loader on their tractor.

I have a 2006 2305 with a H130 loader.

What's the difference between the two?
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There are a lot of differences but the major difference is the H120 only fits the 1-series tractors and the H130 fits the Gen-1 2-series tractors.

So by "everyone" I assume you mean everyone who has a 1-series tractor. :)
The differences are too numerous to list... I mean, the H120 and H130 are two completely different loaders for two completely different sizes of tractors. Not trying to be a wisenheimer but it would be easier to list the similarities... which is they are both green. :)

From the H120 manual: The H120 Loaders are designed for use on 1023E, 1025R, and 1026R Compact Utility Tractors.

From the H130 manual: The H130 loader is designed for use on 2210, 2305, 2320, 2520, 2720, 2025R, 2027R, 2032R, 4100, 4110, and 4115 Compact Utility Tractors. (Note, while 2025R is listed it does not state whether it is the Gen-1 or Gen-2 series, I'm guessing Gen-1).

The configuration tool for the Gen-2 2025R only allows the choice of the 120R loader. The manual for the 220R lists the 2025R but states it is only models 2016 and prior which would be Gen-1. JD sure created a lot of confusing by using the model number 2025R for two tractors that are 100% dissimilar.
So what are the '"lot of differences"?
Know which they normally put on the 2025R?
What you describe is an issue with the SCV valve on the tractor, not the loader.
I had the 120 loader on the lemony 1025R and have the 130 loader on the gen. 1 2025R. The 130 is a completely "goof proof" loader; whereas, the 120 would occasionally want to take a dump as I was bringing it up. Would have NEVER trusted it to load the pickup from the side. Would risk bashing in the side of the pickup. The 130 is faster (due to better hydaulic pump on the 2025R vs. 4010) than the one that was also goof proof on the 4010.
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