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Check out my latest project.

i picked up a 8 bale haymaster accumulator and a haytech grapple.

I need to replace a couple springs on the accumulator. Figure out a mount for my baler.

Cut off that mount on the grapple and old the new plate on there. Going to add another set of pins so I can use it on both my 542 and 400X loader.

I need to get my square baler working also. Looks like a winter project.

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i have the same accumulator and grapple. They work well. Perfect on flat ground, 85% on slopes because gravity wants to hold the gate away from the post the bales sometime get caught. The grapple works well once you get the tines aligned AND if your bales are uniform and snug. It really made a difference for me when it came time to bale. What baler do you have?

1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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