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Hello from new user and 1026r owner.

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Hello all, I read entries on this site but have never registered till now.
Many of you were very helpful to me while trying to decide which JD tractor to purchase. I'm pleased to say that I now own a 1026r and couldn't be more satisfied with this purchase. Learning all the features is very entertaining and being that my dealer gave me no information, I'll have a lot of fun the next few days.

I broke my back 3 years ago in a vehicle roll over which has required several surgeries. The 1026 was very comfortable and sounds like changing implements will be easier than others. So far I have mowed 4 acres and utilized the FEL around the shop. I did not get anything with the tractor aside from the 60D MMM and FEL. I really wanted the BH but I cannot justify spending that kind of cash right now.

If anyone has any suggestions or comments for a new 1026 owner I welcome them. I appreciate the information found in this site and look forward to comments.
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Welcome to GTT!

Glad you joined up.:good2: We can always use another owner to help others or just share their ideas or feedback. We're here to have fun too!

I would get the Ballast Box if you didn't already get one with your loader. You'll quickly find the limitations of the tractor by lifting the rear-end off the ground without some sort of ballast if you use the loader for more than a few hundred pounds.:hi:
Welcome to the 1026R club, sounds like you bought yours for some of the main reasons I bought mine. I was not in a wreck but have many health issues that make it hard on me to get down on the ground to hook up implements, and the seat on the 1026 was in a class all of its own compared to the competition.:grin:
dieselshadow is correct about ballast. If you don't buy anything else buy ballast weather it is a ballast box or filling your rear tires with liquid or both, I use RimGuard liquid ballast in my rear tires and others use a ballast box, no right or wrong just personal preference:unknown: If you want to know about RimGuard there is a link to there website in my signature
Glade to have you aboard and if you have not noticed, WE LIKE PICTURES!:mocking: :drinks:

My 1026R should be delivered around the 1st of May. I bought the same options you have for more or less the same reasons. I'm getting older and crawling under a tractor to hook up a PTO shaft or pushing a deck under the tractor are getting to be more than I want to do these days. On a side note, I have discovered that losing 20 lbs makes me feel and move like I lost 20 years. I feel great ... but I still don't want to crawl under a tractor. Anyway, congratulations on your new tractor purchase.

Welcome to the both of you!:hi:
Glad to see you over here Larry, there are tons of happy 1026 owners over here:good2:
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