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Hello I'm a newbie on here with my first question

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Howdy all, I'm new here and am trying to add to my Deere collection. Have been given first chance to buy what I'm told is a model 70 lp row crop. We can't find any serial numbers or decals anywhere. I remember seeing a model 60 before and it had the serial # tag in a very obvious place. The motor is stuck, but I'm working on that issue. The tractor has been sitting inside a barn for 20 years untouched. Was told that it has been converted to run on gasoline.

Have a chance to snatch up what appears to be a 720lp row crop as well.

I'll post some pics of what is supposed to be a 70. What things should I look for to confirm the identity? Are there casting numbers on the engine that would help?
Thanks from the state of Texas.
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Welcome to the site. Its odd that you cannot find any casting numbers. Deere normally has many of them in different areas. LP tractors were not popular in my area and I have never seen one. Sorry I cannot help!
Look Here!

Here is what I found. Check this out.

Be sure to look at the last photo.

Here is what I found. Check this out.

Be sure to look at the last photo.

Thanks very much. I've been asking other green folks and they didn't know. This tractor is located a long ways out in the countryside from where I live, but I'm hoping to go back soon to get it ready to haul home. The engine is stuck, so I've got my Kroil inventory increased just for this purpose. Even ordered some of that product called, "Knock'er Loose" to try on the stuck pistons, in case the Kroil doesn't get em to budge. Thanks again for your help.
Glad I could help.

Actually, I just got lucky. Hey, just make sure you take your time on this. It will take a lot of soaking and waiting. I know you will do great. Anyway, make sure you keep us up to date with your project. It sounds very interesting.
Welcome, glad to see you aboard...
Thanks for the warm welcomes. Haven't gotten a chance to go back and get the tractor ready for hauling. It would be really nice if the tires will hold air. I'm just thankful that it has been stored inside a barn for all these years. As suggested, I will definitely take my time trying to get the engine unstuck.

I get a lot of ridicule from the IH only guys for collecting Deere's too, but it doesn't bother me.
I happen to like both colors, as shown by my forum name. Once upon a time, I even worked at a Case dealership(began as IH) as a mechanic. We repaired green tractors & round balers there too. There's a reason why I'm no longer a Case mechanic, but this isn't the place to mention it.:grin:

Just glad to chat with some good folks on here.
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