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To the Green Tractor talk community

My name is Rasmus Palmelund Kviesgaard, and I am studying Technical Design.
Right now i am working on a project, where I have to create a 3D model of a
Front End Loader Model H120, for the 1026R CompactTractor series.

However i have one huge problem in that regard. No exact meassurements
of the Front End Loader. So that is why I have joined this community, to hear,
if someone here have the ability to help me with my assignment.
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Wheel Tire Vehicle Slope Automotive tire

I have tried to attach 2 images for one of the parts of the Front End Loader, that
I need meassurements of. i have tried to make a drawn model of the part, and
place the meassure-points, that I am looking for.

The reason for only 1 image this time, is to see, if my post make any sense, and if so,
if people are able to see, what I am looking for, meassure wise. The meassures I
am looking for, are listed in the drawing at the 2 views of the component, and also
in theright side of the paper itself.

Regarding the meassures themself. Since this is english or american written forum
( english is my secondary language ), I assume people here use Feet and Inches,
when doing meassures.

If my assumption is correct, wouldyou be so kind, to write ft ( for feet/foot ) and in
( for inch/ inches ).

With kind regards and thanks in advance
Rasmus Palmelund Kviesgaard

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Some basic dimensions are in the Deere loader manual. You could scan the drawing, and interpolate some more of the dimensions of the arms, etc., but not everything. Best bet would be to take a tape measure and measure the real thing, either at a dealership, or by visiting someone that owns one.
Thanks for the reply. I have tried visiting local dealership. The problem is,
that the H120 model is very rare in my country. Only 2 samples heve been
sold within the last 2 years.

Furthermore the dealership are not allowed to tell me, who the samples were
sold to. So the closest I got to the H120 was a 300 model, that was on a pallet,
ready for shipment. I was granted permission ( from the dealership ) to take some
meassurements, if I did not tamper with the packing material.

So I have some meassures, but could really use some meassures for the parts,
where the Front End Loader attaches to the tractor. Hence my post on this forum

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I just want to clarify here, your school is asking you to exactly duplicate an existing design? This is odd to me, I never would have been allowed to copy an existing design in my engineering program, and to be frank, it kind of comes across as a data harvesting attempt.
For my project I have had contacts with local John Deere Dealerships, and
none of them have told me, that what I was doing, is data harvesting. So I was
was under the impression, that what I was doing, was acceptable for a school

I could of course be wrong, but your post is the first one, to bring that issue
to my attention. My school have not specifically said, that I should copy an
existing design. On the other hand they have not said, that I should change
the design, that I am working on. So again I am under the impression, that
what I do, is acceptable for a school project.

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Why do you need that specific loader model? Kinda hard to do if it is rare in your country. Can you do it with a tractor/loader that is more common in your country? I don't know what y'all have over there but there has got to be a different model Deere or another brand and model entirely which is popular in your area.
My school assigment has some limitations, such as it has to be equipment for
either house or garden. I thought the 1026R model fit that bill, but was not aware,
how rare that model with a Front End Loader was in my country.

That is why I thought it might an idea, to try this forum here. Otherwise
I will just have to improvise something, based on the few meassures,
that I have been able to obtain.
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