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2015 5045e
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I was recently in a similar predicament.

One of my variables was that I've got some large rock on the property. I ended up going with a used 5 series because of the rock, a heavier machine can deal with heavier objects.

I definitely got myself paralyzed with all the options on these new tractors. I was able to talk myself down with the logic that an older used tractor would teach me some things a newer one wouldn't. I don't have a self-leveling bucket, fancy transmission, or any of that. Just bare bones tractor that will learn me how to properly operate a tractor. Once I get to where I'm in maintenance mode I'll have a much better feeling of what I want vs what I need, and then I can buy myself a nice new tractor. Bonus there would be that I'll already have all the implements required from this pig.

Having been there, I'll go ahead and say that you might expand your thought and maybe save a few bucks and buy something older and used until you have enough experience to make the right decision.

Best of luck with your decision!
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