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First, welcome to GTT

For what you've listed I would scratch the 1 series off the list. Main reason simply being that the larger tractors will handle larger implement and cut your time down, which by the sound of it would be good for you. I have a 2038R and love it, it is a great machine that could easily handle your tasks. The only thing that would make the 2032/38R a better tractor would be the 3 range tranny offered on the 3R's, otherwise, they are a very good tractor. Ergonomically you cannot beat the large 2R's right now, I would consider a 3R, but only after they give them a much needed upgrade.
but where I currently have no PTO implement plans
If you can get the power to the ground and still maintain traction there is more than just more PTO HP with the 2038R. There is also 20% more torque, with loaded tires and wheel weights and the right choice in tire you will be able to pull more as well.
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