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Help needed,lifetime john deere faithful, losing the faith real quick.

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Need some real help here guys. I have 2 mowers here, a 2010 x534, and a 2011 x540, both with 54" decks. I cannot keep bearings in the pto clutch, or the tensioning arm/transfer spindle- takes power from pto belt through a cast arm, down to a pulley on the bottom to drive the deck. The 534 has 70+ hrs. On it, and the 540 has 40+ on it. I have been through 2 pto assys. And 2 idler arms on the 534, and 1 each on the 540. This is unacceptable to me, even under warranty. I get 500-600 hours on my old 300-400series 50"/60" decks between rebuilds. The only thing deere can tell me is that i wash them too much. My tractors are blown off after each use, and given a full detail every 3-4 weeks in the mowing season. That is a complete wash and wax. I am known at the dealer as mr.clean, but i also know there is awaiting list for my trades, as each unit is traded every other year. Deere is telling me the bearing trouble is from moisture, but they are sealed bearings. They say it should only be washed once a year, i spend good $$$ for good equipment, and i expect it too last. Each time i wash, i blow them dry w/the leaf blower, then i run the deck until it gets good and warm. I have done this for 30+ yrs to all my tractors, and have never had an issue. Is this a deere quality issue, or is it me? All i know is that the neighbor next has a new 27hp/54" simplicity, and if this persists, i will own 2 of them by spring 2012.
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I hate to ask this, but could here be a set up issue from the dealer? Might something be too light or not in the right order? We see that a lot more than we should around here.
Or, even an alignment issue. :unknown: It does sound a little odd.
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