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Help with front hitch install on a JD 2720.

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My new 2720 arrived at noon today, but I ran into a problem when attempting to install the front hitch for the front blade & snowblower.

Before I ordered the 2720, I questioned the salesman about any additional parts I would need to move the front hitch from the 2320 to the 2720.
His catalog showed the only thing I needed was a new front PTO. Well I just found out I also needed different hanger brackets for the front hitch.
My dealer has found & ordered the kit I need.

My question is one the parts guy could not answer. That is if the hanger bracket kit contains bolts & spacers for the grill guard. The only info I can find on mounting the hanger brackets is that
you remove the grill guard mounting brackets & then install the front hitch hanger brackets between the frame & the grill guard brackets. That makes the opening for the Grill guard over 3/4" wider,
so there also needs to be parts to make that work.

The parts guy said it may be a week before the kit comes in. I do not want to wait till then to find out I need more parts.

Has anyone here moved a front hitch from a 2320 to a 2520/2720?

Do I need other parts that I do not know about?
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Cant help on your model but the SCUTS have really thick spacer washers between the grill guard and the frame. The hanger brackets replace the thick spacers.

Nothing like that??

EDIT: Just went to JDs parts site and looked. It appears you have the same setup as I do. Eights spacers (four per side). I would think your brackets will replace the spacers. Item #4.
My 2710 does not have any spacers. I had a JD 2210 several years ago & remember it having the spacers.

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Wonder if they forgot to install them. As you can see in the JD detail drawing it shows spacers. Wonder if your guard will spring out enough for those plates.
That is a possibility. I did not look closely at the grill guard brackets until now. As long as they are, I think they could be sprung.

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