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Help with Noise From my 2025R While Driving

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Hello! Hope everyone is well!

The last few nights I'm having a problem with noise from the rear of my new 2025R. My guess is something in the Transmission. I was heading to my neighbors who is approx 900' from my place on a paved road.

I was in high range and approx 3000rpm. The first 300-400' was normal then I hear the rear getting loud like a winding noise that slows down as I do. The tractor slows quicker than normal when coasting. My fluids were are full though it appears the hydraulic is over full.

Any idea what would cause this? I tried to record it but I had my phone facing the front. I'll try and duplicate it tomorrow with my phone facing the rear where the noise is. I appreciate any help!!!
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Like this?
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It’s a harmonic resonance thing with one of the hard lines coming off the pump. Atleast on mine it is. I had a tech actually visit my house back when I only had a couple hours on it and look at it and said it was fine and to run it. If it grenades than its covered under warranty. It really unsettled me and I was constantly keeping an ear out. I have since become immune to it and it has not lost any performance or had any weird stuff happen.
It happens when it’s warmed up and after putting ear buds in I don’t hear it anymore lol.
I and a couple others have posted threads on this and it seems to be a not so common issue with these smaller pumps on the 1 and 2 series.

Just to make sure your issue is the same as mine, get the machine warmed up and work it until it starts to whine. Get off while it’s still running and with a glove on your hand grab this line and squeeze.
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If it dampens the moreyou squeeze it’s the same issue.
One of the members had replaced this hard line with a rubber hose and got the noise to stop.
I have gotten used to it and am not worried after over 400 hours if perfect performance.
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The only reason for the hard line is the path of it in close proximity to other vital equipment. Under the pressures these lines endure, soft lines will flex and move around. This can be solved by zip ties and such in most cases.
I had a hard line on an excavator fail on me a few years back. Tech comes out and pulls the hard line off. He replaced it with a temporary soft line while the new hard line went out to get made. This went on for a month or so until the hardline was done and put back on. I asked the tech how long would the soft line hold and he said indefinitely as long as it doesn’t chafe a wear hole in it.

I think I posted this somewhere here previously, but my 2025R did the same thing. It bugged me a lot. My sales guy at my dealer was able to find some sort of publication from JD that listed a part number for a soft line replacement. I replaced the hard line with a soft line and it solved the resonance noise. If you're interested, let me know and I'll see if I can find my post or a part number for you. It wasn't difficult to replace but the seat had to come off. I did have someone comment that they'd never replace a hard line with a soft line, but for me I hated the sound enough that I was willing to try anything...and if Deere makes the part I figured it should be ok.
I would be interested in your thread and part number if it’s not too much trouble
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