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Help with Noise From my 2025R While Driving

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Hello! Hope everyone is well!

The last few nights I'm having a problem with noise from the rear of my new 2025R. My guess is something in the Transmission. I was heading to my neighbors who is approx 900' from my place on a paved road.

I was in high range and approx 3000rpm. The first 300-400' was normal then I hear the rear getting loud like a winding noise that slows down as I do. The tractor slows quicker than normal when coasting. My fluids were are full though it appears the hydraulic is over full.

Any idea what would cause this? I tried to record it but I had my phone facing the front. I'll try and duplicate it tomorrow with my phone facing the rear where the noise is. I appreciate any help!!!
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Stevenmc001, Add me to the list of those who appreciate a part#. I hate that annoying noise but am not as sensitive as when the tractor was new but would change out the line in a heartbeat. Thannks
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Mackford13, Where do I find the GPS site? Thanks
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