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Herd M96 Spreader CL Score (I hope!)

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I found this Herd M96 spreader on CL Saturday with a asking price of $100. After a few emails with the guy I found out it was locked up, and the tractor side of the PTO shaft was missing. He really knew nothing about it, just wanted it gone.

So, I offered him $75 and he took it. Needs some TLC to free it up, but all-in-all it's in OK shape. The PTO shaft will be the pricey thing to replace unless I can find a wrecked shaft and fix it up since I only the one side.

List price is $625, I have been quoted about $500 though...


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Not sure what fancy or elegant looks like but I think what you did is darn nice.[emoji106]. Functionality is the key for all of us and yours definitely works.
It's not fancy or elegant, the goal today was quick, easy and functional since this will see little use.
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