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Here is my 32 X 44 shop

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ok here are some pictures of my 32 x 44 garage that houses my 420 and my GMC pickup and car and friends boat. it has a 10 x 10 and a 20 x 10 door , attic storage with winch to bring the big things up and down. It has 2x6x12' walls 4/12 pitch on the roof and a 4" concrete has turned out to be a great place to fix and tinker and polish things. I love all the posts and information here keep them comming.
hope you enjoy the pictures. a couple are out of order. if you want to aww allo them go to to sell all the build pictures.
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Very nice. Can I ask what the weight rating is for your attic?
Very nice. Hope to have enough money to build my shed this summer at our new house. Just big enough to store a couple tractors, my trailer and attachments. Wish I had something this size :)
She's Beautiful!

They always look bigger being built and empty. Thanks for the post.:thumbup1gif:
That is a good looking shop and great job on the write-up:thumbup1gif:

What really caught my attention was that drop dead gorgeous 420! If you run out of room you could keep that at my place.....

Looking good, Greg, thanks for sharing!
Very nice, thanks for sharing.
Very nice. Enjoyed the photos.
very nice! Now matter what you build, soon it's full. But no matter what you have, it's just what you need.

Very nice! :thumbup1gif:
Nice shop! Love the 420 too! :good2:
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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