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Hey y'all

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Hi everyone new guy checking in, big fan of the green and yellow paint and I live outside of the town where the lawnmowers and gators are made.:kidw_truck_smiley:
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Thanks guys, as of right now I don't own any deeres, but I have spent some hours behind the seat of my dads 7410 and my uncles 4020. Some day I hope to have a Fleet of JD equipment to farm with, but right now I'm just running other peoples equipment.

And JD horicon works does make good stuff even though my buddy hates it :thumbsdown: I still have yet to get an official tour of the plant, but i have been able to see a bit of the insides of the plant.
Thanks and I love the area I live on, got everything I need hunting places, farmland and a bunch of big stores.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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