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Hi there fellow deere people!!

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I was asked to check this sight out, liked it right from the get go:thumbup1gif:

By golly kennyd, nice job:yahoo:
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Thanks Spruce...

Thanks folks for the warm welcome:thumbup1gif:

Has been a while jd4300... The tree farm is good, not planting trees this spring cause' the way things went last spring THANKFULLY with ground availability, seedling availability we were able to double our number of trees planted accounting for this years planting.

Still have the 790 also. Its even better now cause It is now paid for:yahoo: Pulled the trigger on the last payment last month..... 3 years in waiting and VERY well worth it.
Welcome to Deertalk .. glad you followed the invitation to join us.
Thanks tec guy :good2:

As far as purchasing another tractor... I'm work'n on adding and upgrading implements for now. But the 790 will be a major element in buying and paying the implements off!!:kidw_truck_smiley:

I seem to be having issues with notification on posts..... not getting any in my email..... I'll recheck things again.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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