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Himalayan Blackberry - Need Help

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I understand that most people are trying to get rid of the himalayan blackberry plants, but I am looking for some. I want a blackerry plant the speads and will continue to grow on my property. As I understand, these berrys are good to eat also.

I have not found a place to buy these as many consider them a pest due to how fast they spread. If any of you have them on your proerty, might I be able to buy some from you?
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I though this was going to be about a new cell phone. :unknown: :laugh:
X 2 With sawdust!!!:lol: Guess I just don't why you'd want to plant an envasive species? There's got to be 'controlable' Black berrys out there! Fast growing? Maybe! Sorta like planting careful what you wish for.....! I suppose it has it's up side if you wanted to deter tresspassers, for an area you never want to use,:unknown: etc..........~Scotty
I have a ditch bank that is 660 feet long. I would like to have it full of blackberries.
Hmmmm. I too have a similar ditch that needs something better than weeds and grass. Something low maintenance. :munch:

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Bump for someone to maybe mail me some?
I broke down and planted English Ivy. I hope it works out well...:unknown:
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