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FG, Sorry about the lack of responses. I am not sure why no one is answering.

I do not have the answer for what your asking, but here is my experience.

I have a 445 with a 60 inch deck. That would be like a X720 now. That is a great lawn machine. It turns nice and has a low center of gravity. The deck is super simple to adjust for height. For a lawn tractor, there is little better.

On my farm, we have a 4110 that we wise to mow the lawn, blow snow by the barns, and general up keep with the bucket. My father also borrows this to take care of his garden with a tiller. The deck adjustment for height is done with the 3 point hitch. Adjusting height is easy, but not as accurate as the X720 would be. It does ok with the loader buy has issues with large buckets of just about anything. This has turf tires on it so that also takes away a bit from its capacity. The turning radius is not that great with 4x4 but good. Harder to get under trees with the ROPS. In the field its limited to a 57 inch tiller and does ok with it, but you have to go slow.

I have had an open station and cabbed 3720. This machine is a great all around machine but is too heavy to mow a lawn IF you are the type that wants a perfect lawn and your ground is soft. I have left ruts (small) in my yard just by driving over it. It is great with the 300cx loader for working with wood and other heavy items. I know some people put rear finish mower behind them and use the to cut large open areas. I always wanted to do that with my cab, but feared the septic field would suffer. This size machine is great for small food plot tasks. It can run a 73 inch tiller with ease and can run small ground engaging implements. It also works great for snow removal as it is smaller but heavy enough to move larger amounts of snow.

I have very little time in My 4520, but its night and day from my 3720. The engine has torque. I have yet to bog the motor a bit and I am tunning larger ground engaging equipment than my 3720 would even pull. Its way too big for the lawn. I hope its great in snow. The 400cx loader lifts much, much more than the 300cx. The specs don't seem to far off, but real world is different!

Here is what I have used. Its hard to say if a 2720 would work or if a 3520 would be better? Look at the yard you have and how soft the soil is. I am sure others will help you out with opinions!
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