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IMO it depends on your land and how it is set up. Issues are typically type of septic/soil (weight/tires), how much lawn (size of mower), Hills/obstacles. As much as i would have liked to have the all-in-one tractor i quickly realized its difficult to do. Slightly more than half of my lot is still wooded so i tend to play back there a bit clearing trees, hiding implements, etc. If i used my tractor to mow i would constantly be banging the deck around while using the loader or putting it on/off all the time which is a PITA. Additionally a MMM is expensive and i would have to get turfs which increases the risk of getting a puncture in the woods.

I ultimately ended up with a 3x20 sized tractor as its plenty for my yard and stick to an old lawnmower because its ultimately easier to have 2 machines for now.
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