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Da wife is letting me purchase a new parcel of land. not much, but 10 acres is a good start. I have yet to make a purchase due to the changes, but now I need a tractor to mow the lawn, plow/blow the snow, move some dirt for landscaping, work the garden, and work in the woods with a food plot.

I was looking at Brian's 4520 and that looks nice, but a bit large for the lawn bit. What should I be looking at? My new land can sometimes be a bit wet. What tires? Am I asking to much out of one machine. $$$ talk ya know.:amish:
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Thanks Jfoi..... That tells me I should have a 2520 or a 3320.... So, I think my choice is going to be between the 2720 and 3520. The 3520 can get the drive over deck and give me a little wiggle room on power... But its big....

I am going to have to think this over.
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