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Hitch Height on 210

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So my 210 has the standard "hitch" and I am looking to be able to tow my 4 by 8 utility trailer around the yard for general cleanup duty. It has a hitch height of about 14".

Problem is the mount is so low so I found this:

Which looks great but to use a standard attachment I need to remove this every time?

I would prefer something that raises the hitch and still allows me to tow at the normal low height as I plan to get a Lawn Sweeper and a spreader.

Does anyone know of such a hitch?


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I built something that was added to the rear weight bracket of my 318. Well, actually, I did it at a friends house because I don't have a welder. I'll take a picture of it and post it, can't get to it until tomorrow.

I need to buy a welder and learn... I read about so many tractor owners that weld!
I need to buy a welder and learn... I read about so many tractor owners that weld!
Yes, having a welder is very handy!
I will have to start a fund for that. I have probably spent my "allowance" for this month already. Though maybe not because the 210 was way cheaper than a new tractor....
Yes, having a welder is very handy!
I second that. What about you Pete, you want to weigh in?

Emerson, You will find all kinds of uses for that welder now that you have a machine to modify.
I have a lot in common with Tim the Tool Man Taylor so now I need one!
So here is the solution I came up with for my JD 318 garden tractor:

I bought the weight bracket that takes the 40# suitcase weights. It consisted of the frame that holds the weights, and a frame that went on the back of the tractor. I bought this because I did not have a welder so I could not build one.

When the frame is on the tractor, you loose access to the "draw bar" that you can attache the little pull cart to. So I made up a drawbar and welded it up to a plate at the right angle, drilled and bolted it on. Probably could have welded it on, but, this way I can take it off.

Now if you look at the top of the frame, you can see where the weight bracket bolts on with four bolts. So I made up another plate and bare with hole that can hold a trailer ball. In the picture, I have it resting on the weight bracket. Of course to use it I take the weight bracket off and bolt on the trailer ball.

Hope all this makes sense. I had substantial help from my buddy Harold who has a welder (I don't). He's also the one that helped me build my trailer.

If I keep telling myself "I don't need a welder" will I really believe it? :unknown:



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Looks like a nice piece... I was thinking buying a weight bracket might be a good base for the project. The setup makes sense.

I second the 2" reciever option. That gives you all the options you need and the adjustability to use it for anything.

I have an adjustable alluminum hitch I use on my gator and truck that I could not live without.

Product Electronics Hardware accessory
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Yeah, that looks like the route I might go.

I was eyeing up these pieces at Harbor Freight:

Use the bottom one for standard towing, and then flip the ball mount hitch upside down to get the rise I am looking for. I would have access to both without needing to reconfigure.
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If you keep with the with weight bracket approach (good for the welding challenged) you could also weld up the 2" receiver onto the plate that bolts to the top of the weight bracket frame.

You could take the weight bracket frame and a 2" receiver to a local welding shop and they could make the plate, drill it to match the weight bracket frame mounting holes, and then weld the 2" receiver onto it.

I'm seriously thinking about doing just that myself... :think:

You've got to like going from "how do I" to having multiple solutions :thumbup1gif:.

Yeah this is a great brainstorming session. I like where your idea with the weight bracket is going... Hhhmmmm
In a last ditch effort to taunt Mother Nature so I can test my various snow and blower shoe designs, I took the rear weight bracket off my JD 318.

I put on the ball hitch for dragging trailers around. This was discussed previously. Here is a picture of the hitch. Note also the wagon attachment draw bar added on to the weight bracket so I can still pull the wagon and other things. Simple things to weld up (but I had to have help because I don't have a welder).

You can also see the red hdyro fluid using the Kenny supplied Deere part number for the dye. This was about 3 drops of dye to get things this red. You can really see the level in the sight tube.



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Lots of good ideas in this thread guys, I would caution you to keep the ball as close to the rear axle as possible to prevent negative handling.
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