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2LaneCruzer's "Elsie Langford's White Holiday Cake"

I am going to give you a treasured family recipe for a special kind of cake. It's not fruit cake, and it's not your everyday kind of cake either. Anyone can make it, even me. I use to take it to work and they gobbled it up. Trust me...this thing is very, very good. I won't last long enough to go stale or dry I repeat...this is not a fruit cake; at least your typical fruit cake, so don't get the two confused.

2 cups sugar
2 cups flour
1 pound of butter
6 eggs
1 pound of white raisins
2 ounce bottle of lemon extract
1 pound of chopped nuts

Cream Butter and sugar. Add eggs one at a time; cream. Sift flour once, then measure. Mix flour,
raisins and nuts together & add to creamed batter. Add extract and mix well. Bake at 300 - 325
degrees for one hour or longer in an angel food cake pan. Remove from oven, cool and remove from
pan. Wrap in Saran Wrap, then in aluminum foil. Best if aged at least 30 days before serving. I simply set it out on the cabinet top.

If we have any brave hearts out there willing to try this, let's hear some feed back. I would like to hear from you.

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I'll have to get the raisins and lemon extract, and will wait to shell out the fresh pecans that I am getting, but I'll try it. Y'all know me, I'll try amost anything! :mocking:
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