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So as most of you know my wife and I went and visited my mom in Michigan over the 4th of July weekend. Part of the reason we went was my wife wanted to see the band Seether. She had seen them while she was still in college and they were nobodies. They opened a show for 3 Doors Down and she says that Seether blew them off of the stage.

I was not real excited to see them as they were playing a free show and sometimes free shows can be a debacle for getting parking and seats. We went anyway and it turned out a really good show. My wife paid the $30 for each of us for the VIP experience and we ended up 3rd row center.

There was 3 bands on the bill. The opening band was Ezra. They were a 4 piece and they looked like they were trying to relive their youth. They did not do a good job of warming up the crowd until their last song. Just before they played their last song the frontman explained that it was their first show since the early 80's. He said that the guitar player's daughter made him a bet that if she became first violin than he had to put his band back together. Well she must have won the bet because they brought her out to play her violin on a cover of Led Zeppelin's Kashmir. She rocked it out.

2016-07-03 19.23.43.jpg

The next band was the Winery Dogs. I had never heard of them and did not take the time to look them up before the show. When they came out I immediately recognized the bass player and drummer. Turns out that the Winery Dogs are some what of a rock super group consisting of bass player Billy Sheehan, drummer Mike Portnoy, solo artist and guitar player Richie Kotzen. These guys not only sounded amazing but you could tell that they were really into playing.

2016-07-03 20.03.51.jpg

2016-07-03 20.27.12.jpg

2016-07-03 20.27.30.jpg

2016-07-03 20.27.17.jpg

Finally Seether took the stage. It was really cool to see them so up close. The stage could have not been more than 3' tall. Their back-line looked what you might see at a high school talent show. The singer was using 2 Mesa Boogie Triple-Rectifier half stacks. We were close enough that I could see that only one was on, the other stated on standby whole show.

2016-07-03 21.18.52.jpg

The guitar player was using 2 Orange half stacks and again only one of the amps was one.

2016-07-03 21.26.26.jpg

It looked like the base player was using an Ampeg SVT-Pro head with 2 8x10 cabinets. I would guess that only one of the cabinets was plugged in as well. He was having all kinds of fun running all over the stage and fooling around.

2016-07-03 21.24.16.jpg

The drummer was playing a DW kit.

2016-07-03 21.23.32.jpg

I hope you all enjoyed the holiday weekend.

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felixm22, you lost me completely with your post. Being a "bit" older than you, I never heard of any of those people.

However, you had excellent seats and got some great pictures. Glad you enjoyed it.:thumbup1gif:
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