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Homemade roof for 855

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I built this roof many years ago,, her scars are from doing years of battle with the trees and bushes. The center hole in the ROPS was for a tiping bracket I made for a flashing strobe light so it would fall down instead of getting knocked off while being put away in the pole barn. The roof is pitched at an angle to give more head room while getting on the tractor..

It's top is made out 16 Gage sheet steel and 1 1/4" sq tubing. I removed the fender's hand holds and used their holes to mount the 1 1/4" pipe brackets. I didn't weld the roof's risers to the fender brackets because I didn't want the fenders to take a beating when going over rough ground, also there is Oak dolls down inside the fender brackets so the roof's risers don't hit steel to steel, the roof basically floats. :drinks:

I'm tired tonight so I'll be signing off for now, have a good evening everyone...


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Good job. Did you think about running an angle support back to the ROP instead of supporting off the fenders? Just wondering.
:lol: Yeah, been there, done that myself.
When I'm mowing ditches, they provide me a place to hold on where the ditch shoulders are steep. :)
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