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Homemade sod trimmer

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I needed a sod trimmer to take to the cemetery to trim around me and the wife's family members head stones.... so me and the SIL got out some steel and the Plasma cutter and commenced to build us one, could have bought one for $20 and gas to go get but using the tools is more fun and satisfying.

I found out that 3/4 black pipe will fit inside 1" EMT if you taper the black pipe first...

The EMT had to be driven on the black pipe with my sledge hammer and a block of white pine. I placed the blade's foot flange against the welding table's top edge and with me holding the EMT handle and a block of white pine the SIL hammered away.

We slit the 3/4" black pipe for the blade with a zip wheel on the mini grinder and then welded both front and back sides to the blade .... then took the blade to the press where we crushed the black pipe against the blade to close weld the end.

It works great and the handle fits so tight It doesn't need any kind of fastener or weld... which is good incase the handle needs to be replaced because of damage someday..


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Nice. I have been thinking about taking this one step farther and making something that I could hook to my bucket to do around my driveways.
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