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Hooking up new hyd lines to 2520.

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I went to the JD dealer to order the fittings on the bottom of the hyd block ( where the power beyond hooks up) part #s M808055 and M809071. $28-$32 each. I thought the parts were outragous. So I held off on the order and went home and looked at the fittings again on the parts diagram. It looks like they're a swivel type, which explains the price. Does anyone know the thread size of these? I'm assuming they're metric. Thanks
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JD's Power Beyond and 3rd SCV kits also use what I think are NPSM which are similar(?) to JIC except the fittings have the chamfer and the hose ends have the cone. The chamfer angle is different too, JIC 37 deg, NPSM 45 deg. NPSM is also supposed to fit NPT (very evil). If I am mistaken on this please correct me so I don't have to make extra trips to the Hydraulics supplier (20 miles one way).

It's all so confusing,
Matt :morning2:
Never ever assume anything about hydraulic fittings' thread types as there are so many out there: ORB - O-Ring Boss, ORFS - O-Ring Face Seal (Deere uses a lot of these, and I like them), NPT (evil), JIC, Komatsu has their own proprietary fittings, BSPP, BSPT, and I'm sure I've missed some. Kenny will let me know if I have.

I have been to DiscountHydraulics. It was my first intro to the myriad types of fittings.

I am not sure what you are not sure about. Could you clarify?

I am not so sure about is the chart I use often from DHH:

I even bought the wall charts they sell-pretty cool stuff.

I am not sure JD has used these type of fittings, but it is the closest I could find that looks similar. I have added some pictures to show you JD's PB and 3rd SCV hardware.

The picture of the 45 deg fitting, which is part of the PB kit, threads into the top coupling via the ORB end. The other end connects to the hose that normally connects to the Auxiliary plate. When installing the 3rd SCV, the 45 degree fitting is not used and instead one of the valve ports is hard piped into the top coupling as seen in the picture.

The bottom bulkhead fitting which I think JD had manufactured, costs $105 dollars through JD Parts, has ORFS on the implement side and the internal chamfer, like the 45 degree fitting, on the tractor side which also normally is hose connected to the auxiliary plate with the PB kit. And again is hard piped to a port on the valve when using the 3rd SCV kit.

I couldn't get a decent picture of the PB hose ends, but they are the same on both ends. The 3rd SCV kit has longer hoses plumbed into the auxiliary plate and use the same type of hose ends as the PB kit hoses.

The 45 degree fitting shows the type of connection to the hoses. All I was able to find was the NPSM style connection. If it is not the NPSM style I hope you can identify it for me.

If this belongs in a new thread let me know.

I meant that I was not sure JD had/used those fittings you mentioned. Where are they and how do you know? The ports on the block are -06 ORB's, and that's all Ron needs because he is making his own "PB kit" to feed his new valve.


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