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Hose supports

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On my plow, the hydo cylinder has hoses that are on top of the cylinder and tend to want to droop. I am replacing the hoses and going to add a metal support, but I would like to add some sort of support spring on the hose where it connects to the cylinder.

I googled them and could not find any? Anyone know where I could find them.
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Choose your poison:

I think the plastic spiral wrap would be good.

You would go with the spiral wrap? That says nothing about supporting the hose.

Bend Restrictors for Hydraulic Hose seems to be the modern version of what I was asking about? What your thoughts on that.
I guess I did not fully "visualize" what you needed...if the hose is drooping down to the cylinder, then I say let it droop-and secure it with a medium duty cable tie/zip tie so any pulling of the hose will not be at the crimped fitting. If the hose gets snagged, then the tie should break saving the hose hopefully.

I my experience with "bend restrictors", whether on a hose, wire, or cable-they do nothing...the hose, wire or cable just breaks at the end of the restrictors...YMMV
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