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I've posted this question on another site with no answers yet, so maybe someone here can advise. I am thinking of updating the Wico X magneto on our '50 B to the hotter coil offered by some aftermarket suppliers. Supposed to up the output voltage from 30,000 to 40,000V. Is this worthwhile? There is no different condenser offered than the stock one, so I'm wondering if the standard condenser can allow the full benefit of the higher voltage. Wouldn't a different capacitance be required?

The coil in the mag now is quite likely the original, but I don't know for sure. The engine runs well and up to snuff, but sometimes a bit contrary when starting hot. It just gets to run around some in the summer, no hard work. Spark is good but not as blue/white as I would like to see at the plugs. Copper (non resister) wires. Autolite 3116 plugs, I think.
So if anyone has tried the hotter coil, do you think it's better, and does the condenser hold up? TIA

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