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Hours of Operation?

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What is considered to be a lot hours on a compact tractor? I know it is based upon how well the owner maintains the tractor. The reason I ask is I'm looking at 2007 3520 with 1115 hrs on it. The dealer is taking it on trade and is lookng to get 15K-18K for the tractor. I have not seen it but am going to look at it soon.

Are there items I should be looking at or clues to see how well this tractor was maintained or to see if any items are wore, etc. I will ask about maintenance records, and what this tractor was used for. Thanks!
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I have yet to see a nice 3x20 with over 700 hours on it. Most of them have been hauled around and are beat from sitting outside.

Mechanically, the engine should be fine if it was maintained. 3 cyl. engines, as a rule of thumb, do not last as long as a 4 cyl. But your well within the hours that it should give you another 1,000 hours of use. The loader will probably be the thing that is most "used". Check and see how tight it fits on the tractor and how tight the bushings are.

The bucket will be rusted if it has sat outside and the more it was used, the paint will be missing. I would check around the quick attach mounts on the bucket to see if it was removed often. That will maybe tell you what other things it was used for.

If this is a loader and tractor, I think he has it priced on the expensive side. I bought a new 2006 3720 with a 300cx for 20K out the door then.
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Have you checked any other dealers. I got my 3720 cabbed tractor for a bit more than what they want for the used one. Where are you located?

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