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How about some 'blue' pix?

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I keep hearing about how some folks on this site like to see tractor pix....

How about a 60's Ford 4000 with FEL? Beat to hell, but keeps ticking
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Or....New Holland....
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WOW! You are right, it has quite the battle scars. Is that you doing some heart surgery? Thanx for the post. :good2:
That is what I call a 'tractor shed' expediant repair....kinda like a field expedient repair, but with a roof. Fuel line broke and we had to fix it NOW.
And that is my Sunday best of course.
From someone making a living with John Deere at the time that 4000 was new, I can tell you that in this area the 4000 and 5000 were tough comeptition.
The family farm has had those two fords, a 4000 & 5000, on the property since before I was born. Those two tractors worked the 300 acres, doing everything you would expect a farm tractor to do. The only time I can actually recall them breaking down where they were taken out of service was here recently....apparently both with trans issues. Those old blue machines have had the hell beat out of em, and kept taking it!

Some of my fondest memories are of riding on the old haywagon, behind a 60s vintage New Holland square baler, all being drug along by that 5000. I still can't figure out how my scrawny self was able to stack those bales so high and keep em from falling off!

It sounds like they are in the process of being repaired. If life (job, family, etc) would stop getting in the way I could go down there more often and maybe even take the 2520 along to get it's 'feet' wet on the farm!
1 - 3 of 5 Posts
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