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How do I check the propane level?

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On the model 70 I bought, I don't yet know how to check the LP level.

This is a converted gasoline tractor and don't yet know even where the previous owner got the LP tank from. Have been very busy and haven't had much time to thoroughly investigate everything about this model 70.

How would I check the level?

Thanks in Advance


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I am in the HVAC business and have to get a general idea of tank (refrigerant) levels pretty often. You should be able to tell by feel after the tractor has run for awhile (and still running)as there will be a difference in temperature between the liquid and gas state of the propane. If you are unable to feel the difference,you can pick up an infrared/laser temperature gun pretty cheap nowadays.Just scan the tank from top to bottom unit the temp reading changes and note that line/level.
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