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How do I remove my Power Flow from my 54" deck?

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Just picked up my 1026R from the dealer yesterday and when I asked the salesman how to remove the bagger system, he started to show me, then when it came time to remove the power flow, he didn't know what he was doing and never said he would check on it to let me know, instead he said, just remove the chute and hope its not a windy day or you will get grass all over you. REALLY?
Apparently JD thought it was necessary to install a metal plate over where the belt would be exposed and it appears I may need to remove 2 or 4 bolts just so that I can remove the power flow. I plan on calling JD today and asking someone in service.

Can't wait to cut tomorrow
Also, he told me I can't use the weight bracket in the front, but said I don't need them. I bought a 3 bagger system and am sure the grass will be heavy. What are your thoughts?


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Sorry for not writing back sooner. I wish my salesman would had told me how difficult it was to remove the blower for the bagger system. Most mowers I have used in the past, you just loosen the tension, pull a pin or two and pull the blower out. Your method for removing the blower does not apply to my application, but thanks for your advice. In Photo A, you will see JD had installed a safety plate for me so my hands wont get pulled into the area where the belts are. Weren't they thinking ahead and being so nice? :) Every time you need to remove the blower system, you need to remove two nuts from the safety plate, then remove the back nut from the drive over bracket and loosen the front nut enough to slide your finger to remove the belt for the blower. I re-tightened the drive over bracket and mow I can blow grass. I have customers who want their grass bagged and commercial accounts who want me to blow the grass. It's not as easy as one would think, especially when you are in the field mowing and time is money.

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Your salesman is a disappointment. Removing the powerflow blower is easy.

1-There's a metal lever on the outer edge of the blower that runs parallel with the tractor's direction of movement. Throw that lever and the drive belt will be loosened.
2-Lift the plastic shroud that covers the belt on the mower deck and disengage the belt from the mower sheave.
3-Swing the blower housing out and away from the deck toward the front of the tractor.
4-Once the blower housing is clear of the mower deck, lift it straight up off of the hinge post. If the Z-shaped post stays on the deck and doesn't come off with the blower, just lift it out of it's mounting hole on the deck and store it with the blower housing.

Now you should be back to a normal side discharge mowing deck (the discharge deflector should still be installed).

Regarding the front weights, I never had a need for them with my previous 2305 with the bagging system on the back. On hills, I would just engage the 4WD when turning uphill if needed. There was never enough weight, even with damp grass, to lose traction in the front wheels. However, your dealer is once again a disappointment. Of course you can use the front rail of the tractor frame to hang weights. That's what it is there for. An exception might be that he misunderstood thinking you wanted to add a secondary weight bracket which would interfere with the loader, as CJD mentions.

Please report back and let us know how things turn out for you - and don't be afraid to put some photos up here too!!!
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