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How do I remove my Power Flow from my 54" deck?

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Just picked up my 1026R from the dealer yesterday and when I asked the salesman how to remove the bagger system, he started to show me, then when it came time to remove the power flow, he didn't know what he was doing and never said he would check on it to let me know, instead he said, just remove the chute and hope its not a windy day or you will get grass all over you. REALLY?
Apparently JD thought it was necessary to install a metal plate over where the belt would be exposed and it appears I may need to remove 2 or 4 bolts just so that I can remove the power flow. I plan on calling JD today and asking someone in service.

Can't wait to cut tomorrow
Also, he told me I can't use the weight bracket in the front, but said I don't need them. I bought a 3 bagger system and am sure the grass will be heavy. What are your thoughts?


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Did you happen to get the loader for the tractor? That may be why he said not to get the weight bracket. The loader stand may present a problem with that setup.

I do know that the deck is pretty heavy itself and the mid mounted weight may be good enough, but I haven't seen the bagger system and the volume it could carry. I'm sure some others will chime in soon on that.
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