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How do you determine Tire size on a 4x4 tractor when going to Low Pro tires vs Factory tall ones?

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Like I said....Looking at a possible purchase..yep its 4x4.

When swapping from tall R1's to some Low pro Radials in a perfect world.

How do you know what size for front & Rear........I'm less than skeptical about trusting any of the current employees of Any tire store local to me.

I need to do this math myself w/Help of course.

It will be a spendy venture.....I don't think tractor Data lists gear ratio's for Front & Rear axlels.
Anyone know a source for this info...??

Heres the tractor..

Factory R1's
John Deere 5420 Tires
Ag front:7.50-16
Ag rear:16.9-30

This tells me not much.
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You can download the owners manual for free from JD and that should have all the info for proper wheels and tires and also the combos for FWD.
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Nevermind, I see you received the manual. 🤓
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