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How do you determine Tire size on a 4x4 tractor when going to Low Pro tires vs Factory tall ones?

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Like I said....Looking at a possible purchase..yep its 4x4.

When swapping from tall R1's to some Low pro Radials in a perfect world.

How do you know what size for front & Rear........I'm less than skeptical about trusting any of the current employees of Any tire store local to me.

I need to do this math myself w/Help of course.

It will be a spendy venture.....I don't think tractor Data lists gear ratio's for Front & Rear axlels.
Anyone know a source for this info...??

Heres the tractor..

Factory R1's
John Deere 5420 Tires
Ag front:7.50-16
Ag rear:16.9-30

This tells me not much.
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I know, I just always thought the green engines looked more JD to me. Especially if the hood/side panels do not completely hide the engine. Still a good engine.

"theduke" don't let the engine hold you back!

When I was looking 10+ years ago MFWD PowerReverser equipped 5420s with loaders were $35K and up for open station, but newer less hours then.
Deere painted engines in their small frame utility tractors black instead of green when they changed from the 55 series to the 5x00 series in the early 1990s and continued the black engines through the 5x25/5x03/5x05 series in the late 2000s. They switched back to green engines when they changed the model designations from 5xxx to 5D/5E/5M.
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