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My story is more like the original first post. I bought 12 acres and built a house on it in 1982. Started off with a Sears Craftsman rider. Wore it out in 4 years, bought the 2nd one and then a third one up to 1999. Was having a lot of maintenance on those. The last straw for Sears mowers was when the front tie rods wore out I ordered new bushing parts, got in the mail, they were "nylon", not brass. Saw an auction add in the paper from a local John Deere Dealer selling used and trade in mowers. (This was 1999) Went to the auction and they had a 1999 model LX279 listed. Someone had bought it and heard a growling noise in the hydro so the turned it in for another mower. I bought it at auction for $3000. Fast forward to today, January 6, 2021. I am still running this mower with the original blades and have never had a hydro problem. I mow about 4 acres covered in rocks that I am always hitting when mowing.
Now my next adventure, saw an add from my JD Dealer for a New Package 1025R, with 60"MMM and front loader. I thought I would take some mowing pressure off my LX279 for a while so I bought the package 1 year ago in Oct, 2019. Cut my mowing time down over 1 hour and the grass looks like a golf course. I love the 1025R and my LX279. Plan on keeping both as long as I am on this 12 acres.
1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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