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How I Bought My Tractors

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Between this site and another I got the idea to write my story on what I went through to buy my tractor. I tried to include as much as I could without writing a novel. It is a little lengthy but for some may be entertaining. Rather than post it directly on the forum I attached it as a PDF file. Hoping this was a better way to present it. Enjoy!


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Too many good IH dealers around home, too easy to buy a Cub Cadet back in the 1960's. The local JD dealer declined selling the lawn/garden JD line so the local small engine shop picked the line up. Being 20 miles from Moline lots of Deere employees so lots of Deere tractors bought and sold a year or two later at a profit. Meanwhile our 1965 vintage Cub Cadet still keeps running! It wore out either three or four K-161/K-181 engines and now is running a freshly rebuilt K-241.
There were NO Wheel Horse dealers or tractors around ANYWHERE close.

I'm good friends with the parts manager of the CIH/CC dealer 15 miles from Randy. They sell lots of small CIH compacts as far east as Racine, WI. I've got three CIH/CC dealers within 20-22 miles, five within 35 miles. I've done business with all of them, and been well satisfied with them all. I can't make that statement about my only JD dealer. I've looked at the SCUT CIH tractors when getting the infrequent parts I need and am impressed with their design. No plastic or aluminum castings, they're built like a scaled down 150 HP tractor. I'd never really be in the market for one, my two antiques are more than capable of doing any chores I need done. Although the idea of having a heated & air conditioned cab at times does seem very enticing at times.
1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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