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How I Bought My Tractors

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Between this site and another I got the idea to write my story on what I went through to buy my tractor. I tried to include as much as I could without writing a novel. It is a little lengthy but for some may be entertaining. Rather than post it directly on the forum I attached it as a PDF file. Hoping this was a better way to present it. Enjoy!


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Good story. As a kid I grew up with 5, 8, 12, and 18 HP wheel horses, have used snow plows and blowers with them. Then my dad got a GE Electrac.

If I could have gotten the brush for them I probably would not have the Deeres today. Its funny how things can work out for the best. The new Wheel Horses just aren't what they used to be.
Good story Randy. I too had a wheel Horse and really liked it though it was a 212-5; it never let me down and I literally got rid of it to get a bigger deck and to my knowledge the guy I sold it to still runs it!
I was curious why you like to keep two tractors on hand; one as a backup?
Really? One just simply isn't enough! :mocking:

Actually, a backup is only one reason. In the summer they both have mower decks on. I run one and my mother runs the other. In the winter, the 2520 has the blower mounted to it and the 2305 has the brush. Sometimes it is nice to have the FEL on one and a trailer on the other. It is somewhat like having a tractor and a gator or a 4 wheeler. You are only limited by your imagination. Glad I could entertain you. :thumbup1gif:

I am hoping someone could add to this thread with their entertaining or amusing Deere story.
Love the great stories Guys! Thanks for taking the time.

I still have a older Wheel Horse. Its a '76 vintage I believe. A C-160 with what they call a 8 speed transmission. Really a 3 speed with a high/low range and reverse.
Its been a great beast. I use it to pull a small trailer. It primary use is hauling firewood out of the woods and to the splitter.

I did blow the engine up a couple of years ago while pulling a heavily weighted drag. Ended up being a broken piston. The bottom half of the piston stay connected to the rod and the top half ended up in the top of the bore. Bought a new piston and put it in and away it goes again.

Bought back in approx the early '90's. at the time it had a mowing deck on it. It got retired from mowing not cause it couldn't do it but cause my wife didn't like the manual trans. Said she would mow the lawn if I got something better. Thats how we got the X300 we have now. I have to admit the X300 is not 1/2 the machine the Wheel Horse is. I'm sure it wouldn't last a week of hauling a trailer load of firewood out of the woods.
Those old Wheel Horses where great machines. At the time there was nothing else like them. Thanks for sharing your story.
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