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How Large a Stump Have You Pulled With a 1025r?

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I purchased my 1025 last summer, and it’s the only tractor I’ve ever operated, so just about everything regarding tractors is new to me. This spring, I used my 1025 to pull several stumps in my yard, and in neighbors yards... nothing large but couple were 8”-9” in diameter... and I only used idle and all were an easy pull with the 1025 (one I had to pull from 3 different directions). I know every stump is different and soil conditions vary, but I’m wondering what is the largest stump you pulled on level ground with a 1025?... what kind of tree was it?... and how did you setup your tractor to do it? (ie: Did you use a rear hitch/drawbar, was your fel on, did you use ballast weight, chain size, etc).
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I used my 2019 1025r this past summer to remove this baby! I think it was a sweet gum tree. My ballast was just my backhoe. Stump was still full of water and quite heavy.



After digging out around it with the backhoe and using the hydraulic thumb to help me cut the root system up pretty good. I was able to get the bucket under the side and attach the strap around the trunk. The curl feature was definitely used. I chose to keep it low to the ground for obvious reasons, lol!

Look at that monster! I like turning the key and being the underdog from the start! 😆
This was a big old willow I dug out with my backhoe, sawsall, and digging bar. I had 2 good days working on it. Later I built a sled, rolled it on with the tractor, and then drug it around back where I’ll burn it later this year

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must have took you 30 hours to dig that out with that machine
It was multiple Saturdays. But now you've given me an idea to time it next time! That little backhoe is efficient.
Thanks for reposting the thread. I really like this little tractor forum and the community of tractor operators!
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