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How long can my 1026r "sit" before I have trouble?

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This is my 1st diesel tractor, and so far I have 1.2 hours over the last 2 weeks since I've owned it and I got it with .8

Any suggestions to prevent issues from sitting for weeks at a time?

Battery Tender? Anything with the fuel?

Its used for snow removal, and in central WI, there aint no snow der hey! :thumbsdown:

Thanks in advance.
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Is your rig stored inside or outside? Mine is stored inside and I start it up every so often when it dawns on me to do so, and then I run it for 5 - 10 minutes.

I put Stabil in the fuel and that's it since our dry climate doesn't create the algae problems in diesel the way humid climates do.

Hopefully Randy will see this thread as he lives in Wisconsin as you do and knows more than I ever will on how to prep a machine for your winters.
Hi all, I use power service diesel fuel suppliment it comes in a 32oz container.

A week or two......don't worry about it. Unless it's below zero for a week. The newer fuel likes to gel easier than than years past, what Doug said.
Mine sits for a month or more with no issue. A battery tender is a good idea.

Power Service additives are not great. In fact, there is not much that they help with, so.. I would look into a good additive like stanadyne, opti-lube or FPPF.
The 1026 sits in an unheated, isulated shop.

Maybe someday it'll snow so I wont have to worry about it sitting (I know, carefull what ya wish for).
Diesels have an advantage over gas engines in this regard; no clogged carburetor to worry about! I have a 2210 which in its winter job as snow shovel can sit for several weeks here in tropical southern minnnesota where it never snows (exept for the past three years when we had too much!) A good fuel additive should preserve the fuel, and a battery maintainer isn't a terrible idea. If it should sit for more than a few weeks might be a good idea to start it and run it (get it hot) just to lube everything inside. Might want to put winter oil in it; I once started my little diesel at 20 below zero and the motor oil was too cold to circulate. I had to place a magnetic heater on the oil pan to get er going. I keep it in an unheated garage. It can be started at temps down to minus 20 but it doesn't like it- shakes a lot, smoke a lot, and sometimes ignition cannot continue after the glow plugs shut off. I have a block heater I use almost every time I start it.
Not much more I can add here as you are getting good advice already. I do use battery tenders and I am currently using Opti-Lube. I guess I don't worry about starting them if they sit for extended periods. Now mind you my machines do sit in a heated shop. Now, about wishing for snow. :nunu:
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