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How many of you guys run Biodiesel? B5 or B20

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I have always been a huge fan of Bio-diesel in my trucks and tractors. The increased lubricity and cleaning benefits are great for todays engines. It seems that its not easy to find it anymore in my town. It used to be everywhere.

Deere recomends B5 and will approve up to B20 in thier engines.

Anyone else running?

Is it available in your town?
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Do you know what mix you were running? I have only heard of that with people running the home made stuff made with waste cooking oil.
I almost bought a kit to start making it a year or so ago. If it was not for the oil collection at the restaurants, I would do it!

I had an 06 TDI and I miss it. I keep looking for a resonably priced on out there. I don't miss the diesel trucks I had as much as that car.
Brian, glad to hear you didn't get the kit, they are way overpriced, and you can build them yourself, particularly if you buy Girl-Mark's book, very detailed on building one.
I was going to pick up a used kit from a guy who wanted out. It was quite a large kit and he wanted to give it away to a non profit, but would sell it. Once I looked into how to get the nasty oil from the places around here, I backed out.

IMHO, soy bean bio is so much better! I wish we would switch over to that for all fuels. I know people are against ethanol, but I really think if we went to ethanol and soy diesel, our farmers could make money, more US jobs would be created, and we would not fund terrorists or Islamic states. But what the hell do I know. :mocking:
1 - 4 of 26 Posts
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