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Hey guys and gals - we have been taking your suggestions and are working on creating more and more How-To Guides for Installing, Removing and Using a variety of John Deere and other Tractor Attachments. You can view these on our website but we will also post some of the videos here. For more detailed instructions, visit our website where we break down each step along with a video guide!

How To Install & Remove a John Deere 260 Backhoe:


1. Back up your tractor to the backhoe (within 8 inches)
2. Set tractor into PARK position
3. Route the hydraulic hoses from the backhoe through the guide and connect to the hydraulic hoses from the tractor.
4. Remove backhoe boom lock pin.
5. Back the tractor closer to the backhoe - Use backhoe control levers to align the backhoe frame with the backhoe mounts on the tractor.
6. Use pins to secure the backhoe to the tractor
Use stabilizer controls to raise and lower stabilizers as needed - Position notches in backhoe frame above the mount hooks
Use the stabilizers to lower the attaching hooks onto the notches on the back of the tractor
Use the boom controls to raise the boom into the back of the tractor - Install pins to secure the 260 backhoe to the tractor


1. Lower stabilizers to within a few inches above the ground.
2. Center the boom and install the swing locking pin (Remove boom locking pin if installed)
3. Extend the dipper stick and lower the boom.
4. Rotate the backhoe bucket until the top edge of the bucket is parallel with the ground.
5. Use the boom control lever to lower the boom, placing a slight downward pressure on the 260 backhoe.
6. Remove the connecting pins from the backhoe mounts.
7. Use the backhoe controls to lower the backhoe to just a few inches above the ground (DO NOT touch the backhoe to the ground)
8. Use the stabilizer controls to life the 260 backhoe off the lower mounting notches on the tractor.
9. Lower the 260 backhoe all the way to the ground.
10. Disconnect all of the hydraulic hoses from the backhoe to the tractor - closing the connectors on both the tractor and backhoe.
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