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Yeah, backing into unknown stuff with a brush cutter is bad news. I was cleaning up my place a few years ago and first
I found where the previous owner disposed of all his old damaged hose (he was a landscaper and there was at least 400 feet of it!).
Spent half a day removing all the hose chunks out from under the cutter, removed all the hose and tried again. 5 feet further back, I
found his broken concrete dump. My brush cutter still has a couple of 3/4 inch deep dents to remember that by.... A year later
I was backing into some blackberry that I KNEW I'd cut down before. My aim was off by about 18 inches and I hit a heavyweight
T-post. Brush cutter cut it off cleanly. And threw it. Had to use the fence post puller turned sideways to get it out of the trunk of a tree.
Luckily nobody around any of those times (I usually try not to have anybody around the brush cutter when it's running).
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