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How to offset weight of RC2072

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So I'm thinking about upgrading my cutter to the 2072 from my 2060 cutter. Tractor is 2038R.
Not concerned with the power, but previous posts and a discussion with my local JD dealer expresses concern of the extra weight of the cutter with just the front end loader hanging out there for balance.
The cutter only weighs about 100lbs more than my 60" cutter.
So I'm thinking if I can get an extra 100lbs or little more actually IN or attached to the bucket it should be a wash.

Anyone have any clever way of doing this?
Don't want to try carrying anything in the loader because of hydraulic 'droop'. Lost my pruning shears this way!
I do have Ken's bolt on hooks on the bucket and was trying to think of a clever way to attach a hundred pounds or more this way.
Or even by eyebolts installed at the top of the bucket thru the factor shipping holes.

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What tractor is the 7 weight bracket designed for?

OP, the 10 weight bracket for the large frame 2 series will interfere with the loader parking stand, they can't both be installed at the same time.
John Deere Weight Bracket Kit - BLV10623
This is what I am trying. It holds 7 weights.
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