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Cub lo boy 1974 cool attachments
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step 1. disconnect the battery ground cable at the battery
step 2. Drain the crankcase oil and remove the drain plug in the water inlet elbow and drain the coolant.
step 3. Remove the hood and side sheet sections.
step 4. Shut off the fuel at the fuel strainer (3) and disconnect the fuel line (4) from the fuel strainer and the carburetor (5)
step 5. Remove the fuel tank (2)
step 6. Disconnect the choke cable (10) from the carburetor.
step 7. Remove the air cleaner (1) and air cleaner pipe (8).
step 8. . Disconnect the oil lines to the hydraulic pump (9) if so equipped.
step 9. 9. Disconnect and remove the radiator hoses (4 and 5).
NOTE. Be sure to plug all openings in tubes and parts to prevent dirt from entering the system.
step 10. Remove the cooling fan assembly and lay in shroud.
step 11. Disconnect the throttle cable (3) from the governor (6).
step 12. Disconnect the wires to the generator, voltage regulator, coil positive terminal and headlights (alternator and cranking motor on 184)
step 13. Disconnect the oil pressure switch assembly (2).
NOTE. Be sure to tag and identify all wires so they can be reconnected correctly.
step 14. Remove the capscrews securing the pedestal front sheet (1) to the engine and remove the front sheet.
step 15. Relieve the IPTO clutch belt tension by pushing in on the idler tension arm nut with a 3/4 inch wrench and then remove the drive belts from the tension arm pulley.
step 16. Remove the frame top cover. Move the snap ring forward from the groove on the drive shaft. Slide the driveshaft back until it clears the flywheel retainer.
step 17. Remove the capscrews securing the clutch coupling hub to the flywheel.
step 18. Remove the six capscrews, two in front (7) and four in the back (9), securing the engine to the frame.
step 19. Using attaching brackets FES 100 (1), attach a chain hoist to the engine and lift it out of the tractor.
and now you're done
I spent 3 hours typing this/
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