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I just picked up my tractor for a warranty repair for a hydraulic cylinder seal. I had also brought to their attention that the fuel neck had a lot of rust on it, and from what I have researched it seems to be a common problem.
Turns out, according to my dealer, this part is not under warranty unless the rust falls down into the tank and causes a clog....then that would be covered....idk
Anyway, they were kind enough to offer to sell me a new neck for my fuel tank. I have not purchased it yet, I just kinda left with a bad feeling. Even though this is not a big deal, I feel like they should have replaced it for me.
If I do purchase one, it will probably be from somewhere online.
Does anybody know of an instructional video to replace this part? It seems to be pretty straightforward. I typically don't do too much other than regular oil changes and stuff myself. I just want to make sure this is something I can do myself before I buy the part. thanks
oh yeah, its a 3032E with about 80 hours
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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